Standards for Space Utilization

The following space standards have been used as general guidelines at the Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City and at OU-Tulsa.   The purpose of the space standards is to ensure proper design and utilization of existing space in the general categories listed below.1

Instructional Space
    Typical, single level 15 nasf/station
    Lecture/auditorium 12 nasf/station
    Seminar/multipurpose 20 nasf/station

    - room in use 55 - 63 hours per week, 55 for weekdays/evenings, 63 including weekends
    - 80% stations occupied

Class Laboratories
    Discipline dependent 70 - 120 nasf/station
    Computer 35 nasf/station

    - room in use 40 hours per week
    - 80% stations occupied

Office Space (excluding 35 nasf support space/FTE)
Administrative/Executive Officer 225 nasf/FTE private
Admin Director/Department Chair 160 nasf/FTE private
Faculty /Professional/Sr Staff 135 nasf/FTE private
Staff Office 110 nasf/FTE open or private
Secretarial 110 nasf/FTE open or shared
Technical Staff 100 nasf/FTE shared or private
Clerical Workstation 75 nasf/FTE open or shared
Fellows, Post Docs 68 nasf/FTE shared
Doctoral Students 44 nasf/FTE shared


    - actual space assigned will vary based on 1) degree of privacy; 2) faculty, staff or student
    level; 3) activity; and 4) functions/characteristics of design

Research Space
Wet Lab Module 300 - 900 sf
     With office 450 - 1050 sf

    - research support space = 35% of laboratory space
    - areas with heavy wet bench research may require at least 40% support space
Conference/Meeting Spaces
Conference Room (boardroom style)
    Small seats 6-8 250 sf
    Medium seats 10-14 500 sf
    Large seats 16-24 900 sf

Compiled by Facilities Management/Capital Planning - OKC

1 The space standards were developed, in part, using the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Utilization of Academic Space and Space Inventory Analysis, the University of Oklahoma Space Evaluation and Planning Models, Health Sciences Center Space Evaluation and Planning Models, the OUHSC Research Space Allocation Models and the Space Planning Guidelines for Institutions of Higher Education by the Council of Educational Facility Planners, International.

Revised August 9, 2004