Capital Planning

General Information

The Operations Department is responsible for working with others within the colleges and administration to develop annual capital improvement plans. In the Fall of each year, OUHSC and OU-Tulsa colleges and administrative units are surveyed in regard to their plans for capital projects in the following year. These projects are inventoried and reviewed by the OUHSC Vice President for Administration and Finance, Senior Vice President and Provost, and the OU-Tulsa President. In collaboration with Architectural and Engineering Services on the Norman campus, an integrated cross-campus Capital Improvement Projects is approved by the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents. This Plan is then submitted to the State Long Range Capital Planning Commission.

The Commission defines capital projects as those with a cost of at least $25,000 and a useful life of five years or more. Capital projects include academic (teaching, research and clinical) and administrative renovations, new construction, equipment, and non-structural improvements.