Stanton L. Young Walk Policies and Procedures


Please schedule events with Operations at 271-5522. We will need to verify the person responsible for sponsoring the event, including name, department or administrative unit, phone number and campus address. Operations will notify Facilities Management, Landscape Services and Campus Police to make certain the event does not interfere with construction plans, cleaning schedules, etc.

Please refer to the fountain as the Presbyterian Health Foundation Trustees Fountain on any notices, flyers, etc.

Cancellation Policy
If you decide to cancel, please call Operations at 271-5522.

Set Up
Each group is solely responsible for their event, including set-up, signage, food/beverage service, and clean-up.

The restrooms on the first floor of the Library on the West end will be available for use during the event.

Clean Up/Catering Services
Each group is responsible for cleaning up and/or making certain catering has returned to clean the area after the event.

There are some trash cans available on the Walk. If you think you will need more than what is provided, contact General Services at 271-2313.

There is limited parking available on the campus. All parking arrangements should be made directly with OU Parking Services at 271-2020.

Vehicles on the Walk
Please keep in mind that NO personal vehicles are allowed on the Walk. However, it is understood that vehicles may need temporary access to load/unload supplies for your event.

There may be fees associated with reserving the Stanton L. Young Walk depending on the day, time and scope of the event.