Trouble Call Guidelines

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, Trouble Calls can be submitted at 271-2121 or ext. 12121.

After 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, on weekends or holidays, trouble calls can be submitted to Campus Police at ext. 14300.  On-call employees will be dispatched if the problem requires immediate attention.   If the problem is not serious, the call may be dispatched the morning of the next business day.

Callers must provide the following information when submitting a trouble call

  1. Caller Name and Extension or Phone Number - If a dispatched employee has questions about a trouble call, they must have a contact person to provide the answers. 
  2. Building and Room Number - The caller must provide the Building and Room Number where the trouble is located.  Some departments have employees in more than one building.  A room number is preferred over a suite number.  If a suite number is used, notify others in the area to direct Site Support employee(s) to the location of the problem.  If the location can not be effectively described over the phone, the caller should designate a meeting place and provide directions.
  3. Description of the Trouble - The caller should describe the problem with as much information as possible to aid in dispatching the correct employees.

Each trouble call is logged as it is received for follow-up and future reference.

Trouble calls are relayed to designated employees as soon as possible.

Trouble calls are not scheduled or routine.  When a call is received, it is not known exactly when a Site Support employee will respond.  Some calls may take precedence over others, but all calls are worked as soon as possible.

Before making a Trouble Call to Site Support, check with other employees in your area to make someone else hasn't already called about a problem. Repeated calls with conflicting information could hinder or lengthen response time.

Site Support does not respond to trouble calls in the Presbyterian Professional Building, University Hospitals, OU Physicians Buildings, Veterans Hospital, Dean McGee Eye Institute, OMRF or Children's Hospitals.