Guidelines for Remodeling, Construction or Repair of Equipment

Departments can request remodeling, construction or repair of equipment from Site Support Department.  The Ordering Department must complete an Online SUR from the PeopleSoft Financials website. 

Follow this link and logon to PeopleSoft Financial Services.

For questions regarding the Online SUR process, please contact Melissa Borchardt at X46378.

SUR Information REQUIRED for Remodeling, Construction, Equipment Repair or Other Services:

  • Department - This is the department that is requesting the work to be done.
  • ChartField Information (CFS) - This information is used by the Service Unit for billing information. This information is REQUIRED.
  • Contact Person - This should be the person ordering or specifying the work that is required.   It can be the approver.  This will be the person Site Support employees contact for specific information.
  • Check for Estimate - If an estimate is required, it will be completed by Site Support and sent to the ordering department for review and approval.  The signed estimate must be returned to Site Support before work can begin.  When the approved estimate is returned to Site Support, the job status is updated and the shops begin the work as soon as scheduling allows.
  • Request Description - This should be as descriptive as possible.  Any information about the work required is useful.  Use the Attachments tab on the Online SUR entry form to attach any supporting documents.
Modifications to Health Sciences Center facilities must not be started without prior approval from the Office of Operations, regardless of what entity performs the work.  Requests for review and approval of any alterations to University facilities must be submitted to Operations before any work begins.