Custodial Services

The Custodial Services staff consists of 98 employees that are responsible for cleaning 2,182,600 square feet daily in 29 different buildings.  

Services Provided

Daily & Scheduled Service

  • Cleaning of all classrooms, restrooms, labs, patient areas, and other designated campus areas. 
  • Examples include vacuuming and mopping floors, dusting ledges and furniture, emptying trash containers, cleaning interior and exterior glass around entryways, cleaning of stairwells, and sanitizing and re-stocking restrooms.
  • Responding to all non-routine requests necessary to maintain a clean and safe campus environment.
  • Waste management and disposal services
  • Removal and storage of radiation waste. Note: Must be coordinated with Radiation Safety Office.
  • Extermination services
  • Snow removal on steps and entryways of all OUHSC buildings.
  • Note: In the event of chemical spills, notify Campus Police or appropriate departmental laboratory personnel.

Special Services
Available for conferences, meeting rooms, and activities related to academic and administrative functions.

Hours of Operation
Custodial Services Office 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday
Excludes University-recognized holidays

Points of Contact - Administrative Offices: 271-2311

Service Center Building , Room 142

For urgent issues, please contact the Administrative Offices, as the Custodial Supervisor shift ends at 9:00am daily.

Building Supervisor Office Phone #
Allied Health Building Pam Coble X45892
Biomedical Sciences Building Pam Coble 1-6537
Stanton L Young Biomedical Research Building Pam Coble 1-6537
Basic Sciences Education Building Cliff Montgomery 1-3563
College of Health Building Anthony Haywood 1-2396
College of Nursing Building Pam Coble 1-2338
College of Pharmacy Building Pam Coble 1-2338
Child Study Center Pam Coble X45892
Dermatology Clinic Cliff Montgomery 1-3317
Dental Clinical Sciences Building Pam Coble X45892
Faculty House Anthony Haywood 1-2396
Family Medicine Center Darlene Hendrix 1-9259
Harold Hamm Oklahoma Diabetes Center Darlene Hendrix 1-9259
Robert M Bird Library Pam Coble 1-2379
Don E Hogg Landscape Pam Coble X45892
Allied Health Practice Facility Anthony Haywood 1-2396
O'Donoghue Rehabilitation Institute Pam Coble 1-2312
OU Campus Police Department Pam Coble X45892
OUHSC Technology Center Anthony Haywood 1-7540
Service Center Building Cliff Montgomery 1-3317
Stephenson Cancer Center Darlene Hendrix 1-9259
Steam & Chill Water Plant Pam Coble X45892
David L Boren Student Union Pam Coble 1-2338
University Health Club Darlene Hendrix 1-9259
University Village Aide Salazar 1-3317
G Rainey Williams Pavilion Deborah Sharp X49109